by Forrest Bishop

Here you will find some results of a lifelong study of that rent-seeking complex of vaunting and fear some call the "System". This work is informed in part by my studies in physics, dynamical systems, Austrian School economics, psychology, law, revisionist history, linguistics, biology, evolution and the origins of order, chaos, complexity and information theory, monetary theory and history, market analysis, and so on. These viewpoints can be coalesced into a consilient theory of the course of human events: Asimovian Psychohistory. One modeling technique is to map the current times against past events- the history-rhyming theory. I study the examples of Rome, Nazi Germany, the Great Depression, the USA, and of course the old Soviet Union, which is a close, modern analog of the American Empire (and its creation, btw).

The collapse of the American/Atlanticist/Anglo Empire has already commenced, with the gutting of the manufacturing base in the imperial core (Triffin's Dilemma), the overstretch of the imperial military, the barbarian invasion from within, the dissasociative mentality of the ruling elite, the increase in transaction costs (complexity), the loss of entrepreneurial initiative, the evisceration of the law, the domination of parasitic over productive economic activity, and most critically: the accelerating abandonment of the worldwide dollar-reserve standard.

A New Dark Age is descending upon us in several crucial aspects: in those black holes in the cultural memory, and in the increased time-preference* of the modern American. As others have noted, a Dark Age is not necessarily all bad news. I hope that you will find this information applicable in your every day life, dear Reader.

*I may add a glossary and bibliography for the underlined stuff later.

Below is in part a report on recent (as of April10th, 2005) field results concerning

The Evisceration of the Law

Some useful April Fools ‘discoveries’ that are found in this documented case about a make-believe crime against a make-believe Victim, with make-believe evidence, in a make-believe Court with a make-believe Jury, a make-believe Counsel, and a make-believe Judge citing make-believe Law from a make-believe Authority:

Imaginary "crimes" Without Victims

Evidence Conversion (a color-of-law indicator)

Commercial Bar Representation vs. Assistance of Counsel

The Commercial Nature of the Court

Compelled Testimony (shades of the Inquisition)

Statutory Built-in Judicial Partiality

Kafkaesque Quantum-superposition of Proceedings (I don’t even know what this court is!)

Unconscionable Contract

And the capper: A Fake Jury That Can Be Overruled

Timeline and documentation:

April 1st, 2004. 3:30 AM. I was traveling in my automobile* on a public right-of-way. Another automobile sporting bright blue and red flashing lights appeared behind me. When I pulled over to let this apparent emergency vehicle pass, it stopped behind my automobile. An armed man wearing a costume festooned with a variety of totems and amulets got out, came over and performed a ritualistic harassing of myself. Sensing a crime in the making, I did not "cooperate" beyond the normal things one does during a hold up. He falsely claimed I was "drinking and driving". It is a very simple matter to determine that the crime rate in the US is skyrocketing, by using the definition: a crime is a trespass against a real person.

*An excellent brief on the difference between traveling and driving is at-

Sometime during the summer of 2004, an alleged complaint was issued. There is no date on it. Finally found out about it in August, the record of the first hearing is Doc #TR092104 or Transcript of Sept 23rd, 2004- tr092304.htm (not posted)

Then, for an October 21st, 2004 hearing, I fired the attorney that I had hired, and mentioned preparing a statutory challenge- transcript tr102104.htm so then on or about November 18th, 2004, I served upon Norm Maleng (head Prosecutor for King County or something) and Judge Chapman (KCDC) the NOTICE OF COLOR OF LAW EXPOSURE (0911 [NCOLE])- 0911ncol.htm which introduces the concept of Evidence Conversion as a reliable indicator of eviscerated Law. This thing- My First Notice, was a rush job, there are several flaws in it. Lots of additional links here, too.

Nov 22nd, 2004. Affidavit of Denial of Corporate Existence explains that the Plaintiff- the alleged injured Party- is a fiction. The concurrently filed Affidavit of Misinformation of Nature and Cause (along with the Demand for Bill of Particulars) elliptically explores a few of the voids in the current, alleged Law (code-law, or lex) Document # 1020amn.htm and establishes that the plea is void.

November 24th 2004. For this hearing, Judge #2 Smith first called in the Sheriff, and later cleared out the public witnesses from the courtroom. Transcript tr112404.htm All further appearances are entirely Under Duress: once burned, twice shy.

Dec 1st 2004. This Doc #4001 [DBP] Demand for Bill of Particulars has not been answered. The Affidavit of Denial of ProSe Status declares that I do not "represent" myself: when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies.

Dec 2nd, 2004. Yet another systems-check hearing, Judge(?) #3. Transcript tr120204.htm Notice how fluidly the topic switches from Assistance of Counsel to Representation by a Bar Association Attorney. This is a central feature of the "System", fyi. The Bar didn’t exist when the US Constitution was written. Neither did State Prosecutors, who are also Bar Members, as are the Judges.

Dec 10th, 2004. Filed the Affidavit of Duress and Notice of Judicial Misconduct. Document # 1201ajm.htm

Jan 3rd, 2005 Doc #0101bx [NLJ] I filed the Notice of Lack of Jurisdiction. There are some tidbits on the real history of American law here, and on the Admiralty Law nature of traffic court- Document #0101b.htm

Jan 5th, 2005 Hearing with Judge #4 Mark Chow. Fake Jury confirmed by the Judge on page 44, line 17-18. Transcript tr010505.htm

Feb 11th , 2005 Combo motion hearing, quasi-trial, inquest (by myself) somethingorother.

I ‘won’, case dismissed. Fake Jury reaffirmed by Mark Chow in Transcript tr021105.htm page 13-14:

MR. BISHOP: The reason -- if you may recall on January 5th the reason I waived that is because you, sir, told me that you can overrule a jury.

THE COURT: Yeah, I can.

MR. BISHOP: And I spent quite a bit of time digging through statutes and procedures and court rules and yada, yada, yada. I cannot find this.

THE COURT: Okay. I understand you can't find it but I'm telling you I can.

MR. BISHOP: Do you know the rule? Where would I find it?

THE COURT: I'm not going to tell you. You can go look it up yourself. [rage & aggression indicia, the only instance in which I've seen Mr. Chow display this.] All I'm telling you: I ruled on it, you made a decision, I asked you about it. Okay, we're beyond that now.

A secret rule! Of course, in Admiralty Law, there is no Jury verdict required anyway…we’ve been beyond that for quite some time now.


Revised and Corrected History and Theory

The most important site on the internet- and

To understand the de-civilizing process of the national-socialist police state, get Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Democracy: The God That Failed, available at (US debt analysis)

"Analysis: One must not confuse a country’s past glory with its future prospects. The United States has devolved from a republic to a social democracy. I would argue that the U.S. is experiencing economic "undevelopment" directly related to the decivilization process occurring in America today. In Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s fabulous book Democracy: The God That Failed, Dr. Hoppe describes what happens to a populace living under nanny-statism. He describes how the decivilizing nature of social democracy

"…has led to permanently rising taxes, debts, and public employment. It has led to the destruction of the gold standard, unparalleled paper-money inflation, and increased protectionism and migration controls. Even the most fundamental private law provisions have been perverted by an unabating flood of legislation and regulation. Simultaneously, as regards civil society, the institutions of marriage and family have been increasingly weakened, the number of children has declined, and the rates of divorce, illegitimacy, single parenthood, singledom, and abortion have increased…In comparison to the nineteenth century, the cognitive prowess of the political and intellectual elites and the quality of public education have declined. And the rates of crime, structural unemployment, welfare dependency, parasitism, negligence, recklessness, incivility, [pyschopathology], and hedonism have increased." (emphasis added. The Marxist family court system appears to be even more destructive than the DUI ‘industry’, and is directly responsible for much of the above)

A very useful reality-check and reference tool- The Architecture of Modern Political Power

Best essay ever on the New Deal- The Revolution Was, by Garet Garrett-

On the professional criminal class, and a remarkable insight into American history and the commercial nature of the courts- Our Enemy, the State, by Albert Jay Nock (ever wonder why George Washington was a land surveyor?)


Law vs. Lex


Imperial Growth and Collapse

Geopolitical Empire is a form of pyramid scheme: a hierarchical, dynamical system composed of individual Actors in capacities as (crudely) Masters (the early investors), Enforcers (organized crime) and Slaves (the dupes, or downstream investors). These model terms and boundaries are idealizations; no one can perfectly embody the properties of a ‘pure’ Master, for example. As with the dyadic transactional models of a back-alley mugging or a con, net crime flows one way, while net resources flow the other way.

This socioeconomic structure can be analyzed (for example) in terms of transport phenomena and their associated gradients, in a multi-species Predator-Prey equation. We can then speak of such things as crime gradients, energy-use gradients, purchasing-power gradients, complexity gradients, and, perhaps most crucially, information gradients. The structure of the information held by each Actor has a precise and discernable form, that differs in relation to the Actors overall position in the Empire Gradients.

The Actor’s (theoretical) internal cognitive state (his psychology and worldview) and resultant external responses to certain stimuli are somewhat predictable. The time-evolving set of cognitive maps produced from the actions within the network of dyadic transactions between the different Actor’s forms a psychodynamical system. I call this the "Psychostructure", to differentiate it from less precise, collectivist terms such as ‘culture’, ‘class’, ‘society’, ‘us’, ‘them’, or ‘a people’s beliefs’, and to name the system under study. The ‘System’ evoked above can then be called the Psychostructure of the American Empire. "Americans have long believed that the very notion of empire is an offense against our democratic heritage, yet in recent months, these two words -- American empire -- have been on everyone's lips…"

Collapse of the American Empire, by Kirkpatrick Sale

Surviving in the Interstices, by William Marina

"Throughout history there have been numerous inflations, depressions, and periods of societal breakdown.... one of the most interesting aspects of this "modern" predicament is the essential rejection of history, even by many in that profession. It has been fashionable, especially among those who advocate social planning, to stress the new and unique aspects of modern industrial society…"

Asimovian Psychohistory

The physical and cognitive structures described above can be represented as a distortion, or perturbation, of a violence-free network of dyadic, voluntary exchange. Bearing in mind the fundamental non-computability of economic systems, as the Austrian School economists have shown, here are some conjectures:

a) The trajectory of the putative Psychostructural Vector in a cognitive and economic product space is predictable to some degree. In other words, the future course of human events can be mapped with some confidence.

b) The confidence of the prediction rises with the increased distortion of the violence-free market. (The rise of Empire is the physical manifestation of that market distortion.)

c) The physical distortion is accompanied by an increasing mismatch between objective reality and the cognitive maps of the various Actors.

d) The Dark Age begins in tandem with the rise of Empire. The collapse only reveals the Darkness, or information loss.

e) The overall process of growth and collapse is independent of the particular rate and state of technological development, but a higher level of (information) technology acts as a net process accelerator.

An example of a psychohistorical prediction of record that I made in a UN study:

"Prediction: Civil unrest and martial law in the US, a large war(s) abroad within three years...

Basis: ‘Arranged’ or ‘permitted’ attacks on USS Maine, HMS Lusitania, Reichstag, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Cole, etc."[and other bases noted in the study]

–Forrest Bishop, November 7th, 2000.

This prediction was made regardless of whom might win the US elections. Since that time we have seen 9/11, the alleged War(s) on Terror, the largest antiwar demonstrations in history, a militarized capital city, and so on. The prediction isn’t very exact, though it was in the right ball park, almost presaging 9/11, which is about the best that can be expected. I call this Fourth Turning the Homeland Security Period of American history.